Pro' Photography for Gymnasts & Dancers, shot on location

You're a gymnast or a dancer, and you know how to move! You can leap, bend, balance, and flip like nobody else! Let's capture that for ever with incredible professional photographs in equally dramatic locations.


We can shoot in the countryside, at a disused airfield, an abandoned building, or in the streets and buildings of a bustling town or city - your choice, but wherever we shoot, you'll get fantastic photographs! I'll guarantee that! Elite or problem; there's poses everyone can do to make great photos. Naturally, photos of this type would be great for any artistic sportsperson such as bodybuilders, ice skaters or trampolinists. I also offer gymnastics & dance club sessions, where I come to you and photograph gymnasts in action at your training facility.

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An individual location photography session will take about 2 hours. You can make changes of outfits if you wish and we can change the location for each shot, so every photo is unique.


WHAT TO WEAR - up to you, but something that shows your limbs and the shapes your body can make. Leotard, shorts & T-Shirt, leggins, ripped jeans, etc. This also works really well in a dress or tutu. In colder weather, any fashionable warm outfit that allows unrestricted movement. You can wear a warm coat and whip it off for the shots! Be imaginative! The better the gear - the better the photos.


WHEN - Any time of year. Each season brings it's own beauty. Are you daring enough to do it in the rain or snow? "Isn't it better in the sunshine?" Sunshine is great but cloudy days have the best, most even light with no nasty shadows. We can also shoot indoors, in shopping centres, churches, old buildings etc. so cold weather doesn't prevent us from getting amazing photos!


HAIR & MAKEUP - Yes! Go for it! At the moment you'll have to do this yourself.


Tell your friends! Spread the word! There's nobody that can do this like me.


If you come to me in rural Leicestershire, I have endless dramatic undulating countryside locations to choose from, including forests, fields, meadows, lakes and quiet country lanes, churches, barns etc. or we can go to any number of local towns and villages nearby.


Location Shoot PRICES:

  • THE BIG DEAL - Photo shoot and all the photos taken, (approx 100-150 shots), edited to perfection. £500* per session. £50 additional to share a session with a friend**.
  • THE SLIM DEAL - Photo shoot and 20 of the best photos, edited to perfection. £150* per session. £50 additional to share a session with a friend**. (Limited time SPECIAL OFFER for gymnasts/dancers: If you come to me - only £50 per person).

**If you share with a friend, each person won't get quite so many photos because the total number will be divided, but I'll do my best to get as many as possible.


Gymnastics & Dance Club PRICES:

  • GYMNASTICS & DANCE CLUB DEAL - I come to your gym or dance club: Each gymnast/dancer would receive at least 10 beautiful photos (in digital format) edited to perfection - for 10 pupils we can allow more time per gymnast/dancer to get more photos each, than with larger groups.  This works best in groups for 1 hour slots, and each gymnast/dancer would take turns on a continuous rotation basis.
  • 20+ pupils at £25 each.
  • 10-20 pupils at £35 each.
  • 10 pupils (minimum) at £50 each.

Please message me for questions and to book your shoot.

* I'm happy to travel to you but may have to charge travel fees as well, depending upon where you are.

Gymnastics & Dance Club Photo Shoots:

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Location Photo Shoots:

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Photos below are from a training camp for Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle MBE.