Equine Photography

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Simply stunning, natural, horse photography!

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Natural Equine Photography

Stunning, natural equine photography, capturing the beauty and character of your horse at your own property, stables, paddock, etc.


This can be for one horse, or a group of horses, photographed in their paddock, field or stables, etc. I can photograph you with your horse, on the ground or riding. I can also take action photographs of your horse moving e.g. cantering in a field. 


If required, we can also be very creative and create a unique scene, such as a photo that looks like it's a fairytale in the woods, or set back in time. Let your imagination run wild, and let me know what you want!


I have many years of experience with horses and understand how to get the best out of them, and you (if you're in the photographs!).


Sessions are not timed because it depends upon the horse how long it will take, but on average, a horse photography session will take about two hours, however, I'll take more time if necessary, because I want the very best for you.

Equine Photography Prices

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, for a limited time, I am offering my Equine photography with a new pricing structure!



  • FREE photoshoot (no cost to you for me to come and take the photos).
  • I will present your photographs, beautifully edited, via an online gallery from which you can choose to download Low or High Resolution digital images. Low Res £20 each. High Res £30 each. Discount to download entire gallery!


  • Photoshoot £200
  • FREE Low Res Digital Downloads. High Res @ £10 each.
  • You may also choose to order prints, framed photos, mounted photos, and gifts (charges apply to each choice).


  • As above plus:
  • I can arrange your favourite photos to be professionally framed in your choice of frame. This service is for those who are looking for a top quality, expensive frame. Charges apply and are dependent upon size, type of frame and quantity. Please enquire for details.
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